Tackon is a recurring villain in Aftermath, who first appeared in an alternate dimension scene in season 5. He has appeared a few other times in Aftermath, mainly in alternate dimensions. Tackon is a stone giant, much larger than any Toa, who is controlled by Xenon and served directly under The Dark Lord. He was eventually killed by the combined efforts of MT, MisterMatoro, and Tahu, though Tahu ended up dying in the battle.

Attack on TaganEdit

Tackon's creator is unknown. The first appearance in the history books was 2 million years ago, when he was contacted by The Dark Lord with an offer to attack Tagan, a mysterious floating plain in the skies above Mandex. The Dark Lord told Tackon that if they succeeded, the riches of Tackon would be enough to help them easily amass an army large enough to take over the universe(however, TDL's true purpose behind the attack was to gain control over one of the famed "arks," giant flying boats that had the energy necessary to create alternate dimensions. The Dark Lord snuck on board one of the arks, and told Tackon to attack Tagan.

Tackon did, but his rampage was stopped by the valiant efforts of a Toa named MT. MT knocked Tackon off the plain and fell the thousands of miles to the planet's surface below. Tackon crash landed and was trapped by MT in a large cave. Tackon's mind was eventually corrupted by Xenon, and he fell under the influence of the Dark Lord.

Millions of years later, MT infiltrated that same fortress