-Oraku to MT and Brenmac

Oraku is a character in the TBTTRAH Series, and what is believed to be the main villain of season 8 of Aftermath. He first appeared in Aftermath, and has quickly gained reputation as one of the "coolest" villains of all time.


Oraku was a Matoran scientist, nothing more, nothing less, until one day, he came across Xenon. He studied this substance and was one of the first to determine that it was sentient, though no one was willing to believe him. Ignored by society, Oraku investigated Xenon closer, and over time almost formed a bond with it. He began to absorb information from it, learning about its heirarchy and what it's goal for the universe was. Fascinated by this and believing some of the promises that Xenon told him, Oraku infused himself with Xenon and began to serve the Dark Lord, using his reputation as a scientist to get into scientist meetings and spread Xenon around the local areas.

Three years later, the Dark Lord fell. The perfect society that Oraku believed would be created by Xenon was ruined, since there was no more Xenon to be created. Dejected, Oraku nearly gave up his goal of a Xenon dominated society, until he stumbled across a new bit of research.

The research grabbed his attention immediately. It claimed that some powerful object called the Artifact lay within the Kyrell system, or, at least, it had. The item had recently been used by a Toa named Brenmac to destroy a race of warrior-like beings called the Intra, but this same item also wielded the power to create alternate dimensions. Excited, Oraku set off to the planet of Kyrell-3 and easily obtained the item, using a newfound "friend" named XereX to help get past security systems. He obtained the item and headed to a small planet called Zyren, where he could work in peace.

All that would be required to make his alternate dimension a reality was the memory of someone who was at the event that would be changed in the dimension...

Kidnapping ZehvorEdit

To accomplish this goal, Oraku began to kidnap members of the Zehvor in order to attempt to extract the memories of the Dark Lord battle from them. One by one, the Zehvor refused, and Oraku released them, believing that they would change their minds after meeting Evil Mesonak, a clone he had made after extracting Mesonak from an alternate dimension. However, Evil Mesonak was defeated by a team of Mesonak, Brenmac, and MT. Annoyed, Oraku sent XereX to capture another Zehvor, which he would force into giving his memory, while he confronted Gorgnak. Oraku easily defeated Gorgnak, and then Mesonak, before a combined team of MT, Brenmac, and Omega Turtle managed to freeze him while he was distracted and then punt him off the edge. Oraku quickly managed to unfreeze himself and then came back, seething with rage and looking for revenge.