Omega Turtle is a Xenon infused Alpha Turtle who worked with the Toa Zehvor on several missions to destroy Xenon and Makuta. He is known for his uncanny ability to eat things several times his size through his ability to shrink items he ingests. He is incredibly strong due to Xenon exposure, and has only been defeated in combat a few times, most recently by Omega Mete

First EncounterEdit

The Bionicles first met Omega Turtle before he was an Omega Turtle. They were trying to escape from policemen who thought they were a drunk driver, and had been cornered when Omega Turtle arrived on the scene and knocked all of them unconscious and brainwashed the policeman with a curious device. He followed the Bionicles to the House, where he created a copy of his machine for them, continued to help them for the first few months of their lives there, then disappeared suddenly. He also showed them how to animate other Bionicles through the use of Xenon before leaving, and gave them a small supply, but warned them not to go crazy with it.

"Coffee Mines"

After the Bionicles had met MT in California and brought him back to the House, he accidentally leaked Xenon into the ground during a battle with the Barraki. The Barraki, realizing the potential of a mass amount of "coffee," began trying to mine it, only to become infused with Xenon themselves. Omega Turtle found his way back to the House and entered the Coffee Mines, only to end up being trapped in a stasis tube. He was released, however, when MT and several others invaded the Coffee Mines, and proceeded to escape before he could overload with Xenon.