The Bionicles Try To Run A House is different from most stories on BZPower. Unlike most others, the story in TBTTRAH revolves almost exclusively on the adventures of the guest stars. The House is occupied by every Bionicle character in existence, but most of them serve no other purpose in the story other than to provide comedic relief. Therefore, most of the official Bionicle sets within the story can be considered minor characters.


The most notable minor characters are listed below (in no particular order).

  • Brutaka: One of the two armor-clad titans of 2006. Brutaka is extremely scared of stairs. Every attempt he has ever made to climb a flight of stairs has ended in failure.
  • Nocturn: A 2007 titan set. Nocturn has a massive appetite and a microscopic brain. He often raids the fridge, to the dismay of the other residents of The House. When he smells food, he often says, “Me smell it”.
  • Gadunka: Nocturn’s best (and possibly only) friend. He also enjoys raiding the fridge. Gadunka is incapable of saying anything other than his own name.
  • The Piraka: The devious and foul smelling “team” of villains from 2006. They excel at annoying Tahu, who often plays a game with them called “Piraka Baseball”. The Piraka can often be seen sailing in a plastic pirate ship whenever a body of water is present. They are also halfway responsible for the Coffee Mines
  • The Barraki: Villains that arrived at the House in order to "punk" the Piraka by making them listen to punk music. This plan took a turn for the worse when they found out that there was no punk genre of music. When not getting in trouble, Pridak is usually coming up with some evil plan or money making scheme. They are also halfway responsible for the Coffee Mines.

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