Mandex is an important location in the TBTTRAH series. It was first introduced in Season 5 of Aftermath.

Events on MandexEdit

Season 5: After MT, Omega Turtle, and Velocity eliminated all Xenon on Earth, they ended up on Mandex. MT and Mesonak went to explore and found Kpik, an old, old friend of MT's. They go back in time 10,000 years to save a nearby village from being frozen solid. Levacius and Assassin meet a tyrant named Slatenin, and defeat him. They get a tip that Xenon might be controlled by one single being. They dub him "The Dark Lord". The Zehvor then begin their quest to rid the universe of Xenon.

Season 7: When MT receives word that Sonu and Mesonak have gone missing, he takes Brenmac and heads to a floating plain high above Mandex, the last place the two missing Toa had been seen. They run into Mete, who had been infused with Xenon, increasing his power. It also gave him a weakness, which the two Zehvor exploited until Mete had to run away before he was killed. Brenmac and MT chased him out and saw Sboog leaving the plain.

Later in the season, MT and MisterMatoro receive a message from Nilark, the Turaga on Mandex, about a potential way to get rid of Xenon forever. This lead to the events of the Season 7 finale, a huge battle against the Dark Lord, where Pridak killed him by ramming a spaceship through his head.

Season 8: During the Zehvor's battles against Oraku, Pridak enters an alternate dimension and lands on the floating plain above Mandex, meeting MT's old companion just before the historical attack by Tackon. In this alternate dimension, Pridak accidentally causes the alternate MT to be killed by Tackon.