Affiliation: Toa Zehvor
First Apperance: TBTTRAH
Mask: Kanohi Latto
Mask Power: Teleportation
Element: Light
Allies: IUPD, House Residents
Enemies: The Dark Lord, Xenon, Nightmare
Status: Alive

MT is a central character throughout the TBTTRAH storyline. He is the Toa Zehvor of Light, formerly a Toa of Fire, and the leader of the Zehvor. He also works as an IUPD affiliated bounty hunter.

Attack on TaganEdit

The date of MT's creation is unknown. Very little of this time is certain. What is known, however, is that he was visiting Tagan, a floating plain above Planet Mandex. with his good friend, when Tackon, the giant rock monster, came out of nowhere to attack the tranquil scene. MT told his friend to evacuate the inhabitants of Tagan while he fought Tackon. Even though he was incredibly overmatched in power and strength, MT was able to lure Tackon near to the edge of the floating plain and knock him down to the planet's surface below via a fire nova blast. MT decided to follow to make sure Tackon couldn't hit the Tagan inhabitant's escape vehicle, and after landing on the planet's surface and knocking a huge crater in the ground, MT and Tackon participated in a fierce battle once again. MT was able to imprison Tackon with another nova blast, but due to the extreme loss of energy, he fell unconscious soon after and lost all memories of what he had done before. To this day, he still has no idea that he fought Tackon before.

Toa Vundas, a Toa of Ice, came by and saw the fallen Toa. He decided to help him out by picking him up and taking him to his homeworld of Delarax. MT recovered consciousness there, and was rebuilt into a weaker form to fit his now far less powerful body.

"Vundas' Fire Toa"Edit

MT awoke to the friendly face of Vundas, who introduced him to Renok Nui, one of the many Toa tribes of Delarax. These tribes had been at war for over a thousand years, but at the time of MT's arrival, they were at relative peace. This gave the Toa of Fire some time to learn how to fight and defend himself, and keep himself from being just another expendable fighter thrown into a battle. The peace would not last long, however. Renok Nui had grown very prosperous during this period, and some of it's neighbors were jealous. Another tribe from the north came down and attacked Renok Nui. In order to escape with his life, Vundas, MT's "creator," faked his death, and then had a messenger tell everyone so that no one would come from Renok Nui looking for him to assist in the battle. MT learned of his creator's "death," and went into an insane rage, cutting his way through the enemy's ranks until he found the warrior that the messenger had pointed out and and killed him. He then took his sword, which had been manufactured by the Emtee Corporation. But the Toa of Fire's rampage had scorched out all of the letters except for "MT," so he took those two as his name.

Renu NuiEdit

Renok Nui fell on that day, and MT was forced to create a portal with another Toa's tool in order to save himself from the enemy's onslaught. The Toa of Fire ended up on the other side of Delarax, in the camp of the Klar. The Klar was a group of 11 Toa that stole whatever they could from villages and escaped into the wilderness. MT ended up walking into the Klar's leader, who challenged him to a battle. MT accepted, and after a long fought duel, killed his opposer after knocking a rock off of a cliff onto the Toa, leaving only his mask in usable shape. In time, MT would come to learn that he now possessed the Kanohi Latto, or Mask of Teleportation. This Latto had been outfitted with an HUD system, which allowed MT to keep track of his energy, weapon supply, nearby enemies and surroundings, and use different visor systems. Even with all of these new abilities, MT preferred to use his own grey Hau, as it was familiar to him and he appreciated the ability to shield himself.

MT would spend the next thousand years on Delarax, going from village to village, always staying one step ahead of the Klar, who were ready to avenge their dead leader. It was during this time that MT began to master his new sword, which had the power to integrate weapon systems with it as well. He found a missile based system that he integrated with his sword, which basically let him fire powerful concussive blasts with limited ammo.

During one of his trips to another village, MT was encountered by a "Hunter," a member of a local pirate group in the area. The Hunters basically acted like the Klar, except they were much larger scale. Given the choice of either joining or dying, MT picked the former and became a pirate. MT became good friends with a hunter named "Welder"(for his skill in welding) and the two accomplished numerous missions together.

However, MT had not seen the last of Toa Vundas yet. The "creator" arrived on Delarax and confronted MT and Welder. MT could tell something was obviously wrong with him, and in time, he would realize that Vundas had been infused with Xenon, a corruptive substance that took over someone's mind and forced it to follow it's will, while infusing and eventually overrunning entire planets and even solar systems. MT refused to join Vundas in Xenon until they were sure he wasn't completely mad, and Welder flat out would not let Vundas infuse him regardless of whether he was sane or not, so Vundas created a pool of Xenon and proceeded to knock both MT and Welder into the pool with a Xenon shockwave. Welder died instantly, while MT survived, albiet a drastically altered physical appearance.

MT awoke later to find he was now infused with Xenon, and that it granted him new powers. He exposed himself to Xenon more and more, eventually completely shifting his color scheme from red and yellow to brown and grey. His physical makeup also changed, giving him a stronger build while keep his high levels of agility and speed.

In time, MT decided to ditch the Hunters, and after raiding their base, he used his mask of teleportation to escape to Planet Mandex, clueless that he had been there thousands of years before.

Akaria and the Fight Against XenonEdit

MT eventually came in contact with the Akarian tribe, one of the three main tribes on Mandex. He quickly became good friends with two Toa, Kralin and Kpik, and also found out that the Akarians were in a war against the Denlock tribe. Again, MT's tribe was on the losing side of the war. After several decades of fighting, the Denlock invaded Akaria's main base, while MT and Kralin escaped with the Latto to another part of Mandex.

The two joined a band of hunters called the OoC, made up of Akarians who escaped and other inhabitants of Mandex who simply didn't like Denlock. This band raided Denlock for supplies and to try and be an annoyance for about 2 years, before the third main tribe in Mandex, the Gundar, attacked and demolished Denlock. The Gundar also went after the OoC, and eventually killed Kralin, while MT ended up staying alive. He watched the Gundar for long time, and after enough observation, he realized that they were being controlled by the same substance Vundas, and now he, was. The Gundar tribe was eventually wiped out by the corruptive effects of Xenon. Those who survived became little more than mutated animals.

MT, realizing how dangerous Xenon really was, took to the stars with his mask and the help of a stolen ship, and began fighting Xenon as a bounty hunter. He eventually found out that the main source of Xenon on each planet was known as the Xenon Core, which, if destroyed, would stop the infusion, and eventually the planet's natural ecosystem would restore it to normal. MT went to many different planets, destroying the Xenon Cores and those who tried to defend him. Along the way, he picked up many new upgrades, including a pair of mechanical wings that enabled him to fly, and a grapple beam, which enabled him to rip off enemy armor or swing from a stationary object.

MT would continue to do this for the next 2 million years. He began to suspect that something was altering his own abilities, as he had lived for a very long time and had so far had no ill effects on moving ability or anything else that old age would bring. This concern didn't slow him down, however, as he would eventually liberate hundreds of planets, all the while searching for the source of it all. Curiously, he was never able to find the Xenon Core on Mandex, even though it obviously had one.


After a long search, MT and several others in the [IUPD], the government of sorts that protected most Matoran and Toa inhabited planets, located Vundas' hideout. As it was heavily defended, MT was forced to fly close in his ship and teleport closeby Vundas' lair, leaving his ship to crash and also leaving him with no way off the planet, as the Latto had been damaged and it's teleportation range was now limited. MT infiltrated Vundas' hideout, which turned out to be a huge Xenon Core. At long last he found Vundas, waiting for him at the very center of the lair. The two immediately engaged in an epic battle, in which MT's Hau was shattered, leaving him with only the Latto as an option. His teleportation powers would prove critical in claiming victory, which he eventually did after overloading Vundas with Xenon and watching him explode in a bright flash of light. As soon as Vundas died, the Xenon Core began to collapse. MT rushed out of the base, barely escaping the explosion, but not permanent damage. The constant exposure to Xenon inside Vundas' lair had completely drained him of his fire powers and left him as a Toa of Xenon. MT was horrified at the transformation, but would eventually grow to become more of a threat then ever before with his new abilities.


He was now a prime target for Xenon and those infused by it, so, after running for roughly 10,00 years, he stole a size shrinking device from a scientist in the galaxy, he escaped to a small planet called Earth, where there were lots of Bionicle figures made in Toa and Matoran's likeness. MT arrived in approximately Earth Year 1968, and shrunk himself down to about 6 inches tall, where he wouldn't be noticed. He proceeded to hide in California for 35 years, until he decided that hiding on Earth was extremely lonely, and he stole his way into a Legoland display, where he used a small amount of Xenon's reanimation powers to bring a group of Bionicle figures to life. He then snuck out, not realizing that this small move had been tracked by the head mastermind behind Xenon. Realizing that such an important target was hiding within reach, a Xenon Core was sent to Earth in the form of a small meteor. It crashed into Antartica, and spread into the drinking supplies of some of the people who were living there at the moment. Xenon was brought back to Central America, where it spread into a supply of coffee, and realizing that it needed to disguise itself to not be noticed, it shapeshifted colors into a brown substance. Xenon would be confused with coffee by MT and others for the next 7 years.

4 years after he brought the Bionicles to life, those very same Bionicles traveled back to California on a vacation. MT introduced himself to them as a "fellow Bionicle," and proceeded to find out where they had come from. When the Bioncles had told them their story, he was stunned to learn that they were the ones he had animated, and that they were now living in a House in Georgia. He followed them back to the House, and found that Xenon had spread there too. He continued his fight against the substance and several infused warriors, including a Rahkshi called 4 Mask, a Toa named Mete, and a clone of himself dubbed "TM." All went well, and he made many new friends, including several others that had come from other planets, including Sonu, Brenmac, Tarakavarbiter, Levacius, Mr. Matoro, Mesonak, Rahkshiking, Assassin, and Kara. He also met a Matoran named Vecolity, who believed he had been brought to life by MT as well, but was actually one of the Matoran MT had saved from Tagan millions of years ago.

One of the many incidents involving 4 Mask was the creation of the Coffee Mines, which was the Barraki given name to a huge Xenon spill that they tried to mine. The Barraki thought the Xenon was coffee due to Xenon having shifted color to avoid human detection. After the Barraki were kicked out by Tahu and some others, 4 Mask entered the mines and tried to bring the House under his control with a special type of Xenon that specifically sapped willpower. MT lead a raid, accompanied by Mr. Matoro, in which the Coffee Mines was destroyed by a self destruct sequence, and 4 Mask and the invasion team narrowly escaping.

MT ended up fighting against several Xenon infused creatures in the House too, such as a clone he created as a fake MT in order to get away from the police while his clone was captured. This clone, dubbed "TM," hated MT for it ever since, and after escaping the police, chased after MT with the help of 4 Mask, a Xenon infused Rahkshi who had tried to take over the House multiple times. MT battled both TM and 4 Mask many times, in areas ranging from the Coffee Mines to space. Finally, the Toa encountered both aboard a space ship orbiting Earth. MT, along with 5 Mask, defeated TM and 4 Mask, and then blew up the space ship. 4 Mask was gone forever...but TM was a different story.

Elsewhere, MT had bigger problems. Tuma, leader of the Skrall, unwittingly created Mete, a very dangerous mindless Toa, out of a pool of Anti-Xenon. Mete attacked MT and Omega Turtle, and while he was able to knock Omega unconscious, he got buried under a pile of rubble by the Toa of Xenon just moments before victory. He emerged and disappeared, although Poptart, who had fun fooling others in the House into believing something that wasn't real, created several illusions with him in it again, including one of a camping trip. That is, until the Toa found out Poptart was making it and they defeated him too.

After 2 battles with Makuta and some valiant efforts by Mr. Matoro and Sonu kept the House in the hands of good, MT was informed that an "Evil Tahu" planned to invade the House with several hundred Vahki. MT became leader of a group of Gamma Turtles to defend the House, but was stopped short by Mete, who now had the government on his side. Mete tried to kill MT, but the Toa's mask saved him once again. MT managed to get most of his team out of the House before it was destroyed by Mete, and he lead them through several different states, feeling from the government. Sonu guessed that the government was under the influence of Xenon, which was why Mete had been gone for so long.


MT, Mesonak, and Omega Turtle were separated from the others, and forced to strike out on their own. After running all the way into Louisiana, they found a portal that teleported them to an alternate version of Metru Nui. MT and Mesonak soon found themselves in a battle with a giant black dragon, an evil version of Levacius, and an alternate version of XTRM. Mesonak disappeared, much to MT's annoyance, leaving him with a 1 on 3 battle. Although he put up a good fight, MT was no match for the might of all 3 creatures, and was hit by a transformation ray, which turned him into a white wolf wielding a sword. Soon after, his team, the Toa Zehvor, arrived as well, but he was unable to communicate that he was MT to them at all since he had lose his ability to speak. He spent several days in this form until he found the transformation ray and used it to turn himself back. He then teleported back to Earth to pick up some food, and joined Perditus and Tama in fighting Meta Sboog, a long lost enemy from the House. Neither Sboog nor MT made any progress in terms of fighting until Omega Turtle burst onto the scene and demolished Sboog. MT and Omega left to find themselves reunited with Rahkshiking and Calypso, now named Gorgnak and Assassin due to physical changes.

However, their work was not done. Most of the Bionicles from the House were still imprisoned. MT joined forces with Celosia and two other Toa from the apartment, and the 6 Glatorian Legends animated through Xenon powers to try and free all the other Bionicles. They did so, or mostly so, until their getaway vehicle stopped working. MT, Mesonak, and Assassin split up from the others, but were soon captured by the police. A makeshift cannon made for an easy getaway, and the trio escaped, only to have Mesonak captured once more. MT and Assassin ran the rest of the way to Stillwater, Okalahoma, where they split up once again. Assassin went to save the other Bionicles, while MT went inside a large building to confront Mete. Inside, MT found statues of three of his greatest enemies and one that he had no idea of it's usefulness. A portal was standing where the statues had been, so MT entered it and was teleported to the Xenon Core on Earth, although he thought it was another planet at the time.

MT found Vecolity, now turned into a Toa, doing battle with Omega Mete. Mete flattened MT with one blast and was about to deal the finishing blow when Vecolity stepped in and took it for him, before seemingly being knocked off the tall platform they were on. Inspired by his sacrifice, MT fought harder than he ever had before, engaging in one of the greatest battles in history.

Regardless of how inspired he was, MT was no match for a Xenon Core guardian, especially one with Mete's power. But he wasn't done yet. Omega Turtle showed up, dealing several huge blows to Mete before the Xenon Core Guardian fired an energy drain blast at Omega. Omega, sensing his energy disappearing, re-directed the drain at MT, sending the energy Mete was draining into the nearly dead Toa. MT was revitalized with his own powers, plus those of Omega Turtle and Mete. MT was restored as a Toa of Light, and had all traces of Xenon completely wiped from his body. With his new powers, he was easily able to defeat Mete, finally destroying the Xenon Core of Earth and restoring the government's minds.

Toa Vecolity reappeared and talked to MT, revealing that he hadn't died after all, just taken a long fall. He explained that he and Omega were destined to save Delarax, MT's "home planet." MT wanted to go, but Vecolity told him that his place was elsewhere. MT asked no further questions. He was teleported back to a crowd of freed Bionicles, and watched Omega and Vecolity take off into space on Mete's vehicle. The Bionicles would become relatively good friends with the now Xenon freed government, which decided to protect their secret in order to avoid nationwide terror.

Return to MandexEdit

MT and the other Bionicles went to a hotel in hopes that they could find a way to return to their regular life before the House was destroyed. This was not to be. An attack by several beings that portaled out of nowhere left the hotel in ruins and the Zehvor with questions about who had done it. Assassin spotted a portal still open, and while he and Levacius rushed through it, MT's attempt to follow them was stopped when the portal closed.

MT lead the other Zehvor to Boxtus Arena, the Zehvor's new base on Planet Mandex, in hopes of locating Levacius and Assassin, only to find that the two were on the very same planet. He quickly built a flying vehicle and rushed to meet them, but instead crash landed into the snowy land of Akaria, named after the tribe that he was once a part of. He quickly realized that the intense cold was sapping his energy, so he rushed into a cave in hopes of finding warmth. Inside, he ran into Toa Kama, the Toa he had fought alongside when Tackon attacked Tagan. Although MT didn't recognize Kama from having his memory wiped, Kama remembered him very well, and challenged him to a battle to test his strength. MT passed the "test," and Kama gave him a vital piece of information about the location of the Xenon Core on Mandex, that it was underneath a frozen lake.

The Toa of Light then journeyed into the center of the frigid region, and to his great surprise, found the remnants of his old Akarian tribe. He spoke with Kardi, an Akarian warrior, and then Nilark, the leader of the tribe. Both asked him to find the volcanic controller, which would activate two remotely controlled volcanos that kept the environment warm enough so that the village wouldn't freeze over. MT agreed to track Kpik, an Akarian he knew from long ago, into the woods and find a silver gate that the Akarians believed the volcanic controller was in.

However, MT had forgotten most of this territory, which gave Kpik the opportunity to simply slip behind and follow MT to his destination. Kpik ambushed MT at a silver gate, but once he realized who MT was, he put down his weapon, and followed MT into the silver gate. The gate ended up transporting MT and Kpik into an alternate dimension, which was recreating the time when MT fought Vundas. The two entered Vundas' lair and followed the same path MT had taken 10,000 years ago to the center of the lair. There they found Mesonak, who had gone in by the same way, daring Vundas to come out and fight him. Vundas was ignoring Mesonak, but as soon as MT and Kpik entered the arena, he rose up and challenged the three to a grand battle. MT's mask was no longer working, and Kpik suffered a huge blow at the end of the battle, but the combined efforts of Mesonak and MT ended up defeating Vundas anyway, and before they left, they met the MT from this alternate dimension, who lead them safely out of Vundas' lair.

Back outside, Kpik stormed off, annoyed at what had happened in Vundas' lair. MT followed him back to the Ice Temple, which was the spot that the Xenon infused creatures that had been plaguing the remnant of Akaria had resided. When MT arrived there, he discovered that Kpik had opened the way to the Ice Temple, which meant that the creatures could easily launch an all out attack on Akaria any time they wanted now. Sensing the danger, he rushed into the temple, and after a long journey, encountered one of the two leaders of the Xenon infusion. That was when MT's 10,000 year old alternate dimension self appeared. He had apparently used the gate to follow MT into the real world, and had decided to repay him for defeating Vundas. The two easily defeated the creature, but before they could strike the finishing blow, Kpik and the other creature crashed onto the scene. With their power doubled, the creatures managed to deal a fatal blow to MT's alternate universe self, and flew off, leaving MT and Kpik with little hope.

Before he died, MT's alternate self encouraged Kpik and MT to track down the two creatures and finish the job. MT and Kpik agreed, and the two went through the rest of the Ice Temple to find the creatures. At long last they did, and an epic battle ensued on the peak of one of the two volcanos, with MT and Kpik prevailing in the very end. Xenon's assault on Mandex ended that day, and the two heroes returned to Akaria, and to the rest of the Zehvor, who had somehow found their way there as well. MT invited Kpik to return with him to the House, and the Toa agreed. The Zehvor teleported back to the House, which had just been newly rebuilt by the Tahus and the power of one "Golden Bionicle."

Falling to Xenon AgainEdit

After MT and Kpik saved Akaria, they both returned to the House, where MT helped host the AFL Playoffs for the 3rd year in a row. However, he disappeared about halfway through the playoffs because he was sent to investigate what several Barraki were doing inside the mines. He entered the mines along with Levacius, and found the place still in ruins from the 4 Mask debacle. The two journeyed into sector 2 of the mines, which had been divided into 6 sectors during 4 Mask's rule over it. MT and Levacius encountered many mutations, and guessed that the mutations were due to a Xenon leak. At the very bottom of Sector 2, they found another Omega Turtle, like the one that had lived with them before he left. It turned out that any Alpha Turtle infused with enough Xenon could become an Omega Turtle. After a long battle, the two Toa prevailed, and tried to return to the surface. However, TM was waiting for them, after having been gone for nearly a year. He had found enough Xenon to reform himself, and used his newfound power to gain revenge. A quick skirmish left Lev and MT unconscious, while TM disappeared, leaving them to anything that might lurk in the mines.

MT woke up several hours later and found himself in the Rahkshi portion of the Coffee Mines. He fled for his life and escaped from a swarm of Rahkshi after a short battle with a Rahkshi Kaita. He was saved by a huge blast of energy delivered by Nuparu which scattered the Rahkshi while knocking MT out. MT would awake several days later to find he was once again infused with Xenon from the battle with TM, and that Avak and Nuparu Inika had installed a XCID device onto him, to keep the Xenon from overloading in his body. This also let him use his own weaponry without having to use Xenon as well. The two engineers explained that over usage of Xenon could result in either fatality or falling to Xenon once and for all.

MT departed Earth through a portal with Gorgnak(the transformed form of Rahkshiking) after receiving a message from Akaria. He went there and talked to Nilark, who explained that they had lost contact with a neighboring tribe on another planet. Nilark believed this was due to Xenon spreading on the planet, and he sent the two Zehvor to investigate. On the planet, MT encountered several Xenon infused Toa and stole a gunship. He also located and destroyed the Xenon Core there with Gorgnak's help, defeating a Ragnoks after a difficult battle.

From there, he traveled to Planet Rankar, a major IUPD planet. He was about to be given an assignment to hunt down TM and the Terna, an advanced alien race bent on destroying Toa and Matoran everywhere, when suddenly TM turned the tables on the IUPD by invading Rankar with an army of Terna. MT quickly figured out that TM had used Xenon to take control of the Terna like 4 Mask had attempted to do so many times with the inhabitants of the house. MT escaped from the apartment building he was staying in along with TLhikan and Gorgnak, but Gorgnak was separated from the group when a Terna fighter struck a bridge they were trying to cross and Gorgnak fell. MT and TLhikan encountered TM in the next building and began fighting, quickly gaining the upper hand until TM called for Terna backup and escaped. Gorgnak showed up once again to help defeat the Terna, sending MT to track down TM. The Toa did, after some aerial help from Tarakavarbiter, and fought him one on one in a descending elevator inside one of Rankar's tallest buildings. During the fight, TM fired a Xenon blast and struck a loose wire, triggering a self destruct countdown on accident. TM recognized what had happened immediately and ran, while MT wasn't quick enough, and was trapped underneath a pile of rubble when the building exploded. Rankar's cities were destroyed, forcing the Toa to flee. TM told the Terna to not waste the energy it would take to completely incinerate the ground below, unknowingly saving MT(who was assumed to be dead)'s life. The other Zehvor left on an IUPD ship and eventually escaped to the House, while the IUPD wondered if there was going to ever be any victory over Xenon.

The NightmareEdit

MT awoke several days later, and pulled himself out of the pile of rubble only to find himself in the middle of a thunderstorm, in a ruined city, with very little of his powerups working. He soon found a recharge station, which he used to restore some of the powerups, including his plasma beam and ice missiles. He then left Rankar after fighting an odd purple monster and escaping from a crowd of Matoran that had been reanimated by Xenon.

MT returned to the House, and after a brief stay, he and Tarakavarbiter visited Planet Vundas, where they found another Terna invasion going on. While Tarakavarbiter went to help out with the cannon's part of the military, MT went to the other half of the military base to try and free some of the Toa's ships from Terna control. MT arrived and did so after being saved from the Terna by Tarakavarbiter, but after clearing out several rooms full of Xenon, he met another Xenon infused enemy, who called itself Nightmare. Nightmare revealed that he had been hunting MT for some time now after Vundas died, and that he was prepared to kill Vundas' creation if he couldn't kill Vundas himself. MT fought Nightmare, and quickly ended up on the losing side of the battle due to Nightmare's ability to manipulate gravity. MT escaped however, using a Xenon Missile to destroy Nightmare's gravity manipulator and then to escape with his wings. The Toa called his gunship to pick him up, and witnessed the Icebreath destroying the Terna fleet with ease and ending the battle. From there he re-united with TA and left Rankar after receiving some a new mission from Akano, a Toa general, who requested that he help free some of the IUPD's colonies from Xenon infusion. MT agreed, but told TA that they were heading to the House first to pick up a new Xenon powerup created by Kpik.

A short while after, MT was asked to return to Planet Taiban, the head of the IUPD, in order to find Kpik and TLhikan who had gotten stopped by guards who were suspecting them of impersonating MT. After he arrived and freed Kpik and TLhikan, he was kidnapped by Blackout, a Makuta/Toa mutation who demanded that MT help save his planet or else he would kill the Toa. MT agreed, and traveled with Blackout to the planet, where the two entered a major Xenon base to try and find a way into the Xenon Core, which was shielded from the outside. Blackout shoved MT into a trip wire, giving him the distraction he needed to get into the Xenon Core unnoticed. MT, meanwhile, was chased through the base by a numerous amount of Terna guards and eventually Nightmare, but he managed to escape into a tunnel that turned out to be the back entrance to the Xenon core. After getting ambushed by a mutated sea monster, he entered into the Xenon Core, and battled the Ragnoks Lord with Blackout, who had arrived first and had waited for MT. The duo defeated the Ragnoks Lord after a long battle, but after the Ragnoks Lord died, Nightmare swooped in and tried to kill MT, which Blackout objected to. Blackout and Nightmare began fighting, even as the Xenon core started to collapse. MT ran out of the self destructing core and called in his ship to pick him up. MT escaped the exploding core, leaving behind both Blackout and Nightmare, who he thought died in the explosion, but both actually managed to survive.

The Hunt for TMEdit

Two days later, MT arrived back at the House, where he found Kpik playing cards with Gorgnak. Kpik told MT that Nilark had something to show MT and Kpik. The two traveled in MT's ship to Planet Mandex, where they found Nilark awaiting them. The chief of Akaria teleported them to an island in the middle of a lake. Nilark informed MT and Kpik that on this island was Tackon, who a Fire Toa(actually MT, although neither MT, Kpik, or Nilark knew it at the time) had defeated and imprisoned a huge stone giant named Tackon. Tackon had since grown in power, and was using his newfound Xenon abilities to send Xenon cores all over the universe. The only way to stop Tackon would be to somehow get inside his fortress, but the entrance was guarded by an unbreakable force field. Nilark said that the only way this could have happened is if another powerful Xenon wielder had come to power recently. MT immediately expect that it was TM, although he said nothing of it at the time. He began to privately search for his evil "clone," which made Nightmare all the more determined to find and kill him.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a Toa of Light, MT can manipulate light like any Toa. Due to his Xenon infusion, only a device called the XCID keeps the Xenon inside him from constantly intertwining itself with his elemental powers, keeping his Xenon levels from rocketing skyward whenever he wants to use light. MT prefers to use light as a weapon and not so much as a tool, but he is nevertheless very proficient with his elemental powers outside of the battlefield too.

MT prefers to use mechanical weapons, however. He wields two swords, one called Kusanagi and the other Sevenstrike. Kusanagi has a built in plasma beam and an ice missile launcher. Due to MT formerly being a Toa of Fire, he is unable to use an Ice Beam, so his ammo is limited in terms of sub-zero weaponry. He also has a grapple beam attached to his left arm, which allows him to rip things off of where it was attached(e.g. armor off of an enemy) or to attach onto something firm and swing across a ledge. MT wears the Kanohi Latto, the mask of teleportation, although it's teleportation feature is offline currently. He mainly uses his mask for the HuD installed inside it, which allows him to lock on to enemies with his sword, call his gunship in to pick him up and fire at enemies too large to defeat with his own weapons, and to see his environments in differ spectrums, such as thermal and x-ray. MT is an incredibly dangerous foe in combat, with his two swords, limited control over ice and fire, and incredibly powerful light attacks, added to the fact that his infusion with Xenon has allowed him to supercharge any of his beam or missile attacks.