Before aftermath along time ago Blackout was orignally a toa of fire. He was sent on a mission by a unknown organization to stop a rouge makuta. When he arrived at the makuta's lair he was ambushed and strapped to a machine to turn him into a makuta . During the transformation the machine failed and he escaped but he was partially transformed, no longer a toa of fire, but a toa/makuta hybrid. His appearance changed into a more bestial appearance with spikes and sharp claws. He also had the full power of a makuta and toa, being able to create nova blasts of shadow and create shadow hands and have access to all kraata powers. Blackout for months struggled to remain same for the transformation had split his personality in half. His good side which showed little and the more sinister blood thirsty makuta side which normally was in control. He wandered the world searching for a cure to reverse his transformation but sometimes wondered if he shouldnt since the accident gave him increased strength and agressiveness. Soon after he started expermenting with creating rahi which he succeded in, by creating one of the deadliest rahi ever. He abandoned them and fled for they where to dangerous for him to handle. He eventually returned to his home to find a xenon core. He fled searching for a being that could destroy it, a being named MT.


Blackout eventually found MT and tackled him and dragged him off. He told MT he needed his help to destroy the xenon core. They got to the core to find Blackout's creation of unimaginable horror The Ragnoks Lord. They fought hard and with a few ice missles and xenon blasts they took him down, most likely just knocked out, when Nightmare showed up. Blackout and MT fought him and MT escaped just before the core exploded but Blackout and Nightmare survived. Blackout then took off being chased by nightmare to MT's house where Blackout destroyed the TV and then Nightmare came in and Levacius and Blackout began to fight Nightmare.

To be continued...